Do you want discover my best tips on Facebook

Hi everyone, today i write a articles on Facebook tips for your visibility.

Même s’il est directement associé à facebook, messenger a sa propre application ( ios et android ). Et, comme toutes les autres apps, elle augmente et s’étoffe avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités.



You’ve probably already used one of our facebook messenger tips, but do you think you know them all?

It’s time to discover them. From simple online friendship to marketing, there’s no doubt that facebook is a very successful social network. Indeed, having a facebook site is nowadays a must to boost your visibility on the internet and communicate with your friends, clients, prospects and partners.



Discover the best tips on facebook

create a shared album you went away for the weekend with friends or went to the same event with colleagues, to the same conference?

You can create a shared album to which everyone can add their photos. All you have to do is add them as contributors to the album. Saving short movies you just found a documentary that looks interesting or a method you want to test but you don’t have the time to watch it in its entirety without further delay?

Don’t worry, facebook allows you to save publications to watch them at other times. Add milestones to your timeline for one reason or another, there is a possibility that you want to add a milestone (present or past) to your timeline, such as the adoption of a pet or a new job.

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