Hello world! What is WordPress

Today i presente for you , the best CMS in the world is WordPress.

WordPress is a free, open-source content channel system (CMS or content management system). This software package, which appears in PHP, works with a MySQL database and is distributed by the WordPress. org foundation. The functionalities of WordPress allow you to realize and supervise many types of Web sites: web site, sales site accessible on the Internet, computer application site, Internet site, cassette, institutional site, teaching site….

It is distributed according to the wording of the GNU GPL version 2 permission. The program is also used as a support for the multi-site service WordPress.com, which supports multiple sites.

What is a content management system?

On December 1, 2020, WordPress is used by 39%. c of the sites on the Internet in the world, its dextre competitors are at 31%. c (Shopify), 22% (joomla!) and 1.6% (guppy) when 38.7% percent solutions do not use a content management system.

The objective of a content canal system is to simplify the control of sites on the web. Indeed, a content management system provides you with a graphical interface to manage the textual supports of a website; so that text artists are able to plan their websites without the help of a programmer. indeed! a web guide that does not need many updates or new essence can be limited to pages coded in draconian ! but professional that have various users or regularly divulging content ; a content management system is a question. in addition to being able to be simpler to use ! a c. m. s allows to gain in reactivity by bugling content very quickly.

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WordPress is used by individuals, large companies and everyone in between! On a note in the months to come; we use WordPress! So, the website you are about to visit is being moved by WordPress. Many other well known service residences also use WordPress.

WordPress is Free; Free and Customizable The cms or text management systems allow you to create and supervise a website or a web guide very easily. WordPress is free and completely free. To remember; installing and using WordPress does not imply any registration or subscription costs.




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